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Special Programs & Services Office

Welcome to the CSE Office

Director of Special Programs & Services: Tammy Wood  315-548-6440

Secretaries:  Debra Gordner and Sharon Braden  

Office is now located at the old Middle School, 1550 Rte. 488, Clifton Springs, NY 14432

What should you do if you feel your child needs special education services?

If your school-aged child is having difficulties in school, first talk to his or her teacher.  Request that a building Instructional Support Team (IST) meeting be held on your child’s behalf. This request can be made to the building principal, a counselor or the teacher. Also, request that you be in attendance at this meeting so that you will become familiar with the building team that can best assist you in making decisions about your child’s action plan to improve in school academically or behaviorally. At this meeting, each school’s opportunities can be shared with you as to the supports for students within regular education such as psychological or counseling services, speech and language improvement services, curriculum and instructional modifications and Response to Intervention Services in the areas of reading and mathematics. By working together you and the staff of the school can help your child have a successful school year. 


If difficulties still exist after a regular series of Instructional Support Team (IST) meetings and instructional interventions, the team will assist you in the processing of a request for a referral to the Committee on Special Education.   If you or your doctors suspect your child may have a disability which affects his or her learning, you can make a request for a referral to the Committee on Special Education.  To do this, contact the Director of Special Programs and Services, Tammy Wood, at the Office of Special Programs and Services in writing or call (315) 548-6440.


What is referral for special education?


A referral is a written statement asking that the school district evaluate your child to determine if he or she needs special education services.  This written statement should be addressed to the chairperson of the school district’s Committee, Mrs. Tammy Wood or the child’s school principal.  The referral should be specific to the area of need and will result in you agreeing to have your child tested by District personnel to see if he or she needs special education.  Once there is a request for a referral, you will be sent a referral packet to fill out and return to the Office of Special Programs and Services. With this packet, you will also receive A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21 as well as a Procedural Safeguards Notice. Upon the return of the Consent to Test and Social History to the Special Programs Office we will proceed with the 60-day timeline for evaluation. Any further steps in this process will be clearly explained if you call the Office of Special Programs and Services.


For updated information on Special Education from New York State, please go to the following link:












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